Self-construction is an ancient concept as much as humanity itself. We have always built our own spaces to shelter and protect ourselves. We have used the materials that were in our environment and we have molded them to our needs, but industrial and social development, large population centers, speculation and a multitude of factors have dragged us to consume resources in an almost irrational way. Nowadays people's needs are not the priority, it is speculation, immediate economic profitability.Using the resources that are closest to us in order to minimize the impact of traditional construction or the consumption of natural materials for the well-being of the people who are going to use them is one of the objectives that have driven our project.We are aware that we carry inertia, that we have a lot to learn and that the chosen path requires extra physical and personal effort, but the results encourage us to continue, we think that not only bad things are contagious but that together, even if we are few, we can create a current where alternatives emerge that promote new projects, and we are able to demonstrate that other concepts of work and resource management are possible.Self-construction, also developed from a philosophy of resource sustainability, puts us in a permanent state of learning or better yet unlearning to create again in a more rational and responsible way with the environment.

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